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Myanmar • Vietnam
  • We offer direct access to your consumers and reach them at the key moment of change in buying behavior.

    Happy Agency, Marketing Agency, offers brands a new way to increase brand awareness, targeted customer acquisition and customer retention strategies. Through innovative family-focused marketing tools, we establish channels between brands and young parents in which new parents can discover your products and services.

    The know-how and professionalism of our teams enable us to offer brands innovative and turnkey campaigns using personalized marketing devices such as communication, sampling, maternity product, placement,... and more.


    The arrival of a child in the family is both an exciting moment and a major turning point in the consumption behavior of young parents. This is the time when new parents adopt buying habits that they will keep for years. It is of utmost importance to connect with your target audience at this point when new parents need your products and guidance the most. This first response to their demands results in conversions and long term customer retention for brands and distributors.

    Happy Agency assists leading brands in the development and implementation of campaigns, as well as follow-up communication to maintain relationships with these growing families. Happy Agency has developed marketing and communication media that are built to reach consumers at the exact moment that their buying behavior undergoes a key shift towards your brand’s products and services.

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Happy Agency in Myanmar is a member of MP Partners Co. Ltd which was founded in 2007 in Myanmar. and under the name of Happy Agency Co. Ltd. in Vietnam